“Tous à Poil” (Everyone Naked) – A book to buy to fight against obscurantism

Posted on: 07-27-2014
Posted in: Philosophy and litterature
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Tous à poil ! Le livre - Everyone naked! The book

Already the second-best selling book on Fnac.com (here) and a best-seller among children's books on Amazon (here)! Buy a copy for yourself - it's better than a vote!
A hateful politician (since fallen from grace) has threatened to drag us back into the Dark Ages. He spits out old-fashioned accusations and compares nudity to who-knows-what sort of kinky fantasy.
Claire Franek and Marc Daniau, the authors of the French-language book "Tous à Poil" (Everyone Naked) were awarded the Libbylit Prize for best children's book.
Buy it to support them (and no, I don't get paid a commission!)

Listen to the authors:
""À poil" means "completely nude". And to get naked is no insignificant thing! When one removes one's clothes, one discovers oneself, one uncovers oneself...we feel uneasy to be as naked as a jaybird. "People can see his bottom! How disgusting!" That's the sort of thing we may hear. However, if you think about it, whether you're a baby, a doctor or a baker, whether you're a girl, a boy or an old granny, whether you're small, fat, tanned or hairy, we all have bottoms, belly buttons, genitals and even beauty spots.
With this book, we have thus decided to cast a laid-back look at nudity.
On each page, someone ordinary or distinctive, who is a part of the every day life or imagination of children, is shown undressing. The characters appearing in the drawings exist but are not posing. We see them undressing, a daily act that places them all in funny positions. The brush stroke and colours offer a sensitive, warm and realist look that doesn't poke fun and accepts body diversity.
So, if we can forget everything that bothers us and lock up our nasty complexes, how great is it just to be naked! And all of these characters happily shake off their clothes for the same thing: the simple pleasure of swimming (everyone naked!) in the sea.
Claire Pranek and Marc Daniau"
On FNAC.com : http://livre.fnac.com/a3405012/Claire-Franek-Tous-a-poil
On Amazon : http://www.amazon.fr/Tous-%C3%A0-poil-Claire-Franek/dp/2812602066
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