Naked in a Museum!

Posted on: 12-29-2013
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Naked in a Museum!
Masculin Masculin, the nude male in art from 1800 to the present day
Exhibition Masculin-Masculin at the Musée d'Orsay

Only two weeks remain to see the exhibition at Musée d'Orsay which has been extended until January 12th 2014 (and with some late night viewings).
Although the thematic organisation of the exhibition is somewhat jumbled, the subject itself is not lacking in interest: it puts male nudity back into art where the female form has dominated for 150 years.Traditionally, the nude male in painting or in sculpture was a common theme until the mid-19th century. The study of art mainly took place in art academies where year after year students learned to draw using live models, almost always male. Transposed to antiquity, in mythology or into greater History, these workshop nudes would become Leonidas, Achilles or Jupiters. The male nude was always associated with an ideal of virtue, bravery, strength or heroism.
With the end of the 19th century, the male nude in painting would abandon its pompous rhetoric. The subject diversified and with the arrival of realism the first "natural" nudes appeared. In painting as in sculpture, the male body, finally liberated, offered itself to the eyes of the viewer, without the shackles of virtue or modesty.
The merit of the exhibition is that it allows us to understand this transition and to show us this variety thanks to a wide selection of works having come from very different horizons. Starting from the 20th century, we also see the apparition of photography.
© Pierre et Gilles : Black Blanc Beur

This exhibition was initiated by the Leopold Museum in Vienna, which conserves a vast collection of watercolours and drawings of the expressionist painter Egon Schiele. This artist, who created many nude auto portraits, is well represented in the exhibition we see today in Paris. This is a rare opportunity to admire this rare and tormented art. In Austria, the exhibition was well covered by the press ( and it attracted record crowds to the museum. At the request of naturist associations, it was even previewed, plus for several night viewings, to naked visitors. ( A rare opportunity to combine naturism and culture and to talk about art and reality...



After a successful run in Paris (with already 350,000 visitors), the exhibition will continue its world tour. Next stop: Mexico City, from May 2014.
Les Baigneurs du Tibre par G. P. Leroux
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