Baltic Sea Beaches on the Island of Usedom

Posted on: 15-03-2010
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Naturist beach Ahlbeck

Germany is said to be one of the birthplaces of contemporary naturism, with social nudity practised both indoors and outdoors. Nude sunbathing, nude swimming and, of course, nude physical education have been practised here since the early 20th century. The Baltic Sea coastline is especially well-known for its large nude beaches, with most others being clothing optional. Since German reunification in the 1990s and the emergence of the European Union, prudery in formerly naturist-tolerant areas is unfortunately becoming more and more common, not only among immigrants and tourists but also amongst German youth. The long and popular tradition of so called free body culture (FKK) seems to be over. 
Nevertheless, there still remain beautiful naturist beaches along the coast. The island of Usedom – situated in the north-east right near the Polish border – is highly recommended. The infrastructure, such as hotels, restaurants, camping sites, etc. isn’t made for mass tourism, just for individual travellers. Beaches behind the typical Baltic Sea dunes are extremely wide and of fine, white sand. By the way, this region holds the record for average hours of sunshine per year in Germany. The best time for naturists to visit is from May to September.
Naturist beach Ahlbeck

There are no direct flights to the Baltic Sea coast but you can easily travel by railway or car (highway system) to the north-east of Germany. It’s better to book accommodation in advance, rather than searching at the last minute or trying to find something on arrival. Prices are moderate, except for luxury hotels, with food (plenty of fresh fish!) and drink absolutely no problem in any budget.
Naturist beach Ahlbeck

For our gay members, a very popular gay beach is located near the city centre of Ostseebad Ahlbeck (see the picture), close to the Polish border, where guys from Poland also come to enjoy nude freedom.