A Naked Dinner

Posted on: 08-05-2012
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It often surprises me how many long-term naturists have never thought of hosting or attending a naked dinner party. For a surprising number of naturists, naturism is something we do outside in summer, when the sun is shining. As soon as they go out of the sun they put their clothes back on. I live naked at home all year round. In summer we keep the windows open to cool the place down, in winter we put the heating on but, in any weather, it’s normal for us to be naked. With most of our friends being naturists, it’s also natural that when they come over for a meal we’re all naked.

So what’s the difference between a clothed dinner party and a naked dinner party? If we have textile friends over for dinner they take their shoes off at the door then they leave their coats, handbags or whatever in our bedroom and come back into the living room to enjoy a nice evening of good food, wine and conversation. When it’s a nude dinner party the guests take their shoes off at the door then leave everything on the bed and come back into the living room totally naked to enjoy a nice evening of good food, wine and conversation.
Quite often there will be a guest who has never been to a nude dinner before. In an exchange of messages leading up to the event, the nerves are often visible. That first moment, walking naked into the room, is the most difficult. Thrown straight into the conversation and with a drink in hand and pre-dinner nibblies to eat, not only do the nerves disappear but within three minutes it’s clear that the newcomer has already forgotten that they’re naked.
Over the course of the evening new friendships are made, the all-time favourite subject of naturists – next summer’s holidays – comes up and holiday experiences and recommendations are exchanged. By the time dessert is served we’re all old friends.
Still unconvinced? Does it still sound silly to you to go over to someone’s house, get naked to eat and then get dressed again to go home? There are advantages to a nude dinner party. We never have to stand in front of the wardrobe wondering what to wear. There’s no-one at the dinner who’s trying to show off a new designer shirt. We’re all equal and on the same level, so the basics of naturism are brought into the home.
When people start leaving, email addresses, phone numbers or Oh! Naturist profile names are exchanged and we all promise to catch up again soon. And usually we keep that promise.