Which is your favorite oil to use for massage?

Posted on: 13-09-2010
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I've tried dozens of massage oils in my 19 years of practice, and I found that ordinary coconut oil has the best combination of qualities. By fortuitous coincidence, it's also one of the cheapest and most available oils suitable for massage.

Many people are allergic to various nut oils, but no one seems to be allergic to coconut oil. It's aroma is very mild, and seems to offend no one's sensitive nose. It has the ideal degree of slipperiness combined with the ideal degree of friction as you glide your hands across the skin.

Coconut oil at room temperature is actually a solid; you liquefy it by warming a bowl of it for a minute in a microwave or in warm water. (Applying the oil while it's warm also enhances the receiver's pleasure.) The oil's solid state means it won't soon get rancid like other oils. It doesn't stain the sheet on the massage table either, as other oils do. You don't even have to shower the oil off after the massage. Coconut oil can be absorbed by the skin, leaving the skin soft and malleable. My wife Suzanne never showers off the oil after her massage, which is one reason her skin is as soft as a baby's.

You can buy inexpensive coconut oil in the cooking-oil section of most supermarkets. You use it straight, so there's no need to get several ingredients and mix them to create your own formula. If your market doesn't carry the oil, get it (at a slightly higher price) at a health-food store.


Coconut oil is used in many processed foods, so you know it's edible. That makes it ideal for any sensuous massages you might offer your spouse or your life partner. You can finish each session by kissing and licking your favorite body parts as a nurturing expression of your love. Don't try that with most oils used for massage--especially baby oil, which is derived from petroleum.
That's my own experience with massage oils. I encourage others in the Nude Massage group to share their recommendations, and we'll all wind up giving better massages to our friends.