Rab Island - Kandarola Beach

Posted on: 11-04-2010
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Kandarola Nudist Beach

The island of Rab in the Kvarner region of Croatia is the perfect place for lovers of nature. This island is the pioneer of naturism on the Adriatic. In 1936 the English King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson were granted permission by the local government to bathe naked in Kandarola Bay, since which time this bay has also come to be known as English Beach. At the turn of the century the first oficial naturist beach opened and 50 hotel beds for naturists were made available. The island's history dates back to 360 BC.
Kandarola Nudist Beach

On the Frkanj halfisland there is a large, beautiful nudist beach, where two bays meet.
Kandarola Nudist Beach

The nudist beach is very rocky but beautiful and partially shaded by pine trees.
The cool, fresh air and the flora with its fragrant herbs, shady pine forests and the very clean water of the Adriatic Sea offer a taste of nature not easily found elsewhere.
Kandarola Nudist Beach

Beach showers and a beach restaurant with very good food at moderate prices are also available.
Kandarola Nudist Beach

The high life is not to be found here, just relaxed naturists who like to enjoy nature in tranquillity.
Suha Punta - Hotel Eva

To get to the nudist beach, there is the following:

  1. From the port of the old town of ¬†Rab, the water taxi from the front of the Imperial Hotel (approx. 2.60‚ā¨) will take you to the entrance of the nudist beach. Departs every hour.

  2. From the port of the village of Palit (5-10 minutes walk from the town of Rab), near the Thalassotherapy building, take the water taxi (approx. 2‚ā¨ - departures every 10-20 minutes) and ask to be dropped off at Frkanj nudist beach. Once you get off the boat go straight across the wood until you reach the sea on the other side of the peninsula (just follow the crowd) and then turn right, following the footpath until you reach a booth where you'll pay approximately 0.90‚ā¨ to enter the nudist beach.

  3. The beach can also be reached by car: from Rab follow directions to Kampor. After the St Eufemja Church, by the restaurant Eufemja, on your left you'll find the road to the Hotel Eva in Suha Punta. Here the road ends and you can park the car in the hotel parking. Go down on foot toward the sea, once you reach the concrete path, turn left. You'll reach a small wooden booth where you'll pay the ticket (approx. 0.90‚ā¨) to enter the nudist beach.

Accommodation: The island offers much in the way of private, affordable accommodation with bath. 17‚ā¨ per person including breakfast is the standard price. Because of its proximity to the nude beach Hotel Eva in Suha Punta (Kalifront peninsula - only 5 km from the town Rab) is very popular. Shared room rate is 29‚ā¨ per person. In addition, there are plenty of nice little restaurants nearby. The weather and water temperature are at their best from mid-June until early September.
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The island can be reached by car ferry out of Jablanac. In high season it is advisable to arrive in the morning as early as possible to avoid hours of waiting for the ferry, the same for the departure from the island.
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