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Posted on: 04-03-2010
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Danube Island

The Danube Island is a 21 km long and  200 m wide strip between the Danube and the New Danube running through the city of Vienna.
The Danube Island was constructed for the purpose of flood regulation for the Danube, between 1972 and 1988, to help prevent flooding of the city. The island remains mainly dry in times of flooding. Meanwhile, the Danube island has become a popular recreational area for the Viennese people. Large nude beaches are found on both the northern and southern tips, close to the city, as described below:
Danube Island South - Dead Ground:
The dead ground is located in the southern course of the north bank of the Danube Island. Take the bus 91A from "Kaisermühlen" to "Roter Hiasl", cross the bridge, and turn left. Go along the river. After the rowing-club straight ahaed follow the path along the river. After the white Stone the naked area begans.
Danube Island - Dead Ground

There is ample space for undisturbed nudity. The best time is certainly on a Sunday afternoon. I love to be alone there on warm, rainy summer days, completely undisturbed - naked and free - to be one with nature and run naked through the warm rain. A very sensual experience!
Danube Island - Dead Ground

Near the Steinsporn-bridge - in front of the rowing club - is a fresh water hydrant, where you can fill up your bottles with drinking water, or (on hot summer days, especially when you come by bike) you can refresh your face. After the rowing club there is an ice cream stand with drinks which is very popular. Don't forget insect repellent! The Paulaner hotel is a very popular meeting point for a drink after a day in the sun.
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Danube Island North - Jedelsee:
The Nudist area on the north part on the Danube island is located approximately 300m north of the Jeselsee-Bridge (21. District).
Danube Island - Jedelsee

After crossing the bridge keep right along the upper main path, which leads to the general nudist area. Turn up the upper main path from the toilets to the left of the big nudist meadow, you will find another nudist paradise with many winding paths - some of them leading into the forest.
Danube Island - Jedelsee

This Place is well frequented, the people there are all kind and friendly . Less mosquitoes than on the south side. On warm summer days naked bathing is possible till late.
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New Danube South:
This heavily frequented nudist area is located directly along the New Danube parallel to Raffenerie-Street, starting from the Steinsporn-Bridge down to the Waluliso-Bridge and even a little further south. Children, adolescents, families, seniors, immigrants, people with different outlooks on life and lifestyles meet here exclusively for nude sunbathing and swimming. From pale  first-timers to well-tanned longtime nudists - everything is here.
Danube Island South

Along the nudist section there are many bars and restaurants. It is not unusual for people to leave their clothes in their cars and cross the street naked.
Danube Island -  South

Sometimes rowing competitions are held which, of course, you can watch naked. Throughout the southern island of the Danube nudity is permitted (as signposted).
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